Visa Argentina Reciprocity Fee for travel

Visa to Sri lanka is a Must

Visa to Sri lanka is a Must

Traveling to Argentina is a must in 2016. If you are a citizen from the USA, Canada or Australia then you can simply pay for the Reciprocity Fee from the comfort of your own home. Passport send-off is simply not necessary anymore so pay your visa to Argentina with and start planning your trip to Argentina now by applying with ArgentinaFees. For now we will discuss beautiful Sri Lankan where making memories of your travels to Sri Lanka shouldn’t include crime or the hassle of applying for visa to Sri Lanka.

You want to be able to brag about the adventures you had climbing mountains or wild goose chases, not how difficult getting there was.

Travelling safely to Sri Lanka starts with a visa for having proper documentation.


Let us get it done right the first time at and avoid running into problems later.

As for safety after you have arrived, there are some things you need to be aware of. Before heading over, keep in mind Sri Lanka is generally a safe country to travel in. Hard crimes are low and crimes against tourists are even lower. On average, this place is ideal for safe travels, however, this doesn’t mean crime doesn’t occur. Whenever you are in an area with people, crime can happen, especially if you are not prepared. Here are a few tips to keep your head in the game and memories positive:

Avoid Scams: Hard crime is almost unheard of. Scams and aggressive sales is very prevalent in Sri Lanka, especially closer to the high tourist areas. Hassling tourists is common and can come from anyone from store owners to TukTuk drivers. Even accommodation areas can try and hassle you to stay at their spot rather than another place.

-Mugging: Though not as common as other travel destinations, it still happens. It’s advised for tourists to avoid beaches after dark. Ladies who enjoy flashy, oversized purses or bags, this could be a problem. You are setting yourself up for a potential crime. Only carry what you absolutely need and no more. Both men and women should never bring all their money or credit cards with them when out on the town. Leave excess at your hotel, locked up. This also includes your passport with your electronically linked Sri Lanka visa. Be smart about it.

-Con artists: It seems no matter where you travel to on this planet, there are plenty of people attempting to fraud others. Sri Lanka doesn’t have nearly as many con artists as it once had years ago but unfortunately, these people still exist. Commonly, con artists pose as tourists themselves or as a staff member at a restaurant, cook, driver or whatever else they feel like impersonating.

These tactics are done to gain your trust. Be wary of anyone approaching you with these lines. If something doesn’t feel right about a person, go with your gut. Common sense is the best antidote for avoiding con artists and other scams.

As mentioned before, hard crimes like murders are almost unheard of in Sri Lanka. Keep your head on your shoulders, have a watchful eye and all should be well for a fantastic vacation.

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