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Refreshing Wine Tickles Taste Buds in Argentina

Refreshing Wine Tickles Taste Buds in Argentina

There is such an assortment of beverages and alcohol to choose from when traveling but then there is wine. Unlike the other tasty drinks, wine is splendid and lovely. When you wine lovers’ think of where the best is located, you probably think Italy or France. Although these hot spots are bustling with incredibly satisfying wines, Argentina is another spot which must be enjoyed for that smooth sip. In more recent times, Argentina has quickly made its way into the global spectrum of where to go for top rated wine. Malbec, Pinot’s and Zinfandel’s are a few specialties of the region.

Depending on where you travel to could determine what is available and what might be on the high priced import list. Throughout the country, wine is being produced from every grape you could imagine. Malbec is one wine produced more than anywhere else on earth. Argentina’s dry desert region creates a heavenly spot for these particular grapes to thrive. The Malbec grape is very susceptible to mold under regular grape growing conditions requiring a lot of moisture. This is why desert growing is ideal. Sunlight slows the ripening of each Malbec grape and gives it such a unique flavor when transformed into the delicious wine enjoyed around the world.

Aside from Malbecs, Cabernets are another superb specialty of Argentina. The tantalizing aroma from uncorking a Cab fills the room and your nose with such a heavenly scent. This is the perfect aged wine and does better with time. After sitting in an oak barrel for several months, the cabernet is bottled and shelved. During this process, the acids and tannins blend together, creating a dense and explosion of flavor. In Argentina, these cabernet sauvignon grapes are picked during the early spring after a longer ripening period. It is usually blended with Malbec in Argentina in order to cut down on the tannins and give a smoother taste.

White wines are not as common in Argentina, but they are still available. If you are a red wine enthusiast, Argentina is the place to be, pay your reciprocity fee with us now!

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