Visa Argentina Reciprocity Fee for travel

Argentina South America’s Tango of Taste Buds

Argentina South America’s Tango of Taste Buds

The name Argentina or “Argentine” means silver which is one of the most precious and abundant metals in the world. Argentina can never be overlooked as it is the 8th largest country in the world and sits in Southern part of South America.

It affords visitors the opportunity to go hiking in the mountains or swimming at the beach.

Argentina has become a hotbed for tourists, especially Americans. To strengthen the relationships between America and Argentina, the Argentine Government has suspended the reciprocity fee for holders of U.S. passports.

But Canadian, British and Aussies citizens still requiring Argentina Reciprocity Fee


Those that indulge in a carb-free lifestyle should move to Argentina. Argentine beef is famous worldwide as the country has the highest red meat consumption in the world.

The most popular dish in Argentina is Asado or Argentine barbecue. One cannot visit without trying the taste of Argentina.  Throughout this country’s great history, gauchos or cowboys created this wonderful masterpiece of meats. Imagine sitting at a restaurant and feasting your eyes on a grill or open fire watching the copious grilled meats roasting. The aroma has your mouth salivating, and you cannot wait to sink your fork, knife and teeth into this tender dish. Experience beef, pork, ribs, and sausages – all mind-blowingly scrumptious.

When cruising the streets of Buenos Aires or any other city or town in Argentina, expect to see choripán, Argentinean street food that is a must sample. Popular among its rabid soccer crowd, choripan is prepared over wood or charcoal fires and contains pork and beef chorizo. The meat is served between crusty bread slices and varying in each province; caramelized onions, green peppers and a slew of other condiments. It’s a supersized version of the New York hot dog but packed with more flavor.

When the weather gets cooler, many people turn to comfort food to keep them warm during those chilly nights. Carbonado is a brothy stew, with oodles of meat, potatoes, carrots, corn on the cob, bacon and peppers topped off with fruits. The fruits could be raisins, dried apricots, peaches, pears or grapes. The stew is poured into a hollowed-out pumpkin and then cooked on the barbecue.

There is no way tourists will leave Argentina without experiencing various ways of prepared meats. A leader in beef, Argentina has many delicious dairy dishes that will surely melt in your mouth.

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