Visa Argentina Reciprocity Fee for travel

How to Pay Argentina Reciprocity Fee Online

How to Pay Argentina Reciprocity Fee Online

2016 Argentina Reciprocity Fee Updated Information

  • Argentina Reciprocity Fee for US Citizens 

A valid passport is required for U.S. citizens to enter Argentina. U.S. citizens do not need a visa for visits of up to 90 days for tourism or business. As of March 24, 2016, the Argentina Reciprocity Fee is temporarily suspended for US citizens.

  • Argentina Reciprocity Fee for Canadian Citizens 

Canadian citizens need a valid passport to enter Argentina. As of January 17, 2016, the Argentina Reciprocity Fee price has changed to $72 USD for all points of entry to Argentina (including cruise passengers) and is valid for up to 10 years.

  • Argentina Reciprocity Fee for Australian Citizens 

Australian citizens need a valid passport to enter Argentina. The Argentina Reciprocity Fee is $100 USD for all points of entry to Argentina and is valid for 1 year.

These fees must be paid online prior to arrival. Cash payments will NOT be accepted at the airports. 

How to pay the Argentina reciprocity fee online:

  1. Apply for Argentina Reciprocity Fee at
  2. Enter your personal details and payment information
  3. Receive the Reciprocity Fee via email

Argentina Reciprocity Fee for US Citizens – By Effective Date

Effective October 31, 2012
$160 USD for for arrivals at Aeroparque (AEP) Buenos Aires.

Effective December 28, 2012
$160 USD for for arrivals at Ezeiza (EZE) Buenos Aires.

Effective January 7, 2013
$160 USD for all points of entry to Argentina (except cruise passengers).

Effective June 30, 2013
$160 USD for all points of entry to Argentina (including cruise passengers)

Effective March 24, 2016

The fee has been temporarily suspended for US citizens.


Visa for india Humayun Tomb

Visa for india Humayun Tomb

Traveling to Argentina today is easier than ever before, and if you are a Canadian or Australian citizen then you can now pay the Argentine reciprocity Fee completely online. Remember that the fee has to be paid before your arrival in Argentina, you can not board your plane or cruise ship without paying this fee beforehand. Pay the fee here at

Need to take your passport photo, then we suggest that you use to get the 100% compliant photo now.

As the capital of India, New Delhi and its many historic locations make it a must see city.  While planning your trip to India don’t forget to get your India Visa Online and remember to include this wonderful city.

Make sure you have time to see these beautiful locations.


Red Fort

Arguably one of the most famous monuments in the region, the Red Fort is a testament to the design capabilities of medieval Indian engineers. The fort gets its name from the red sandstone that the enclosing walls are constructed from, and has been the site of many important events in Indian history over the last 400 years. If you want to make the most of your trip, be sure to catch the one-hour sound and light show that recounts some of the fort’s colorful history.

Chandni Chowk

To really get a feel of what old world India would have been like, makes sure you have time to visit the historic Chandi Chowk market located in the heart of old Delhi. The Chandi Chowk is still one of the busiest open-air market in New Delhi and is nearby many beautiful temples and monuments, making it a great place to start your journey through historic New Delhi. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can find plenty of delicious, authentic street food vendors in the market as well.

Humayun’s Tomb

A lot of people say that Humayan’s tomb looks familiar to them when they first get a glimpse of it, and this is most likely because Humayun’s Tomb was the inspiration for the Taj Mahal. More than that, when the tomb was built in 1570, it marked the first successful execution of the type of architecture that the Mughal dynasty would make iconic across the world and was also the first large structure to use red sandstone as its primary component. The tomb is part of a much larger complex and is a wonderful place to spend a day.

Qutb Minar

This 74-meter tower is the second tallest minar in India, and is an awe inspiring sight to see. The tower was first constructed in 1220, and although it has sustained damage over the centuries, everyone from emperor of Delhi in the 14th century to the British occupiers of the 19th century have performed reconstructions on the tower. The tower is also part of a larger facility and makes a wonderful place to start a full day of sightseeing.

Argentina South America’s Tango of Taste Buds

Argentina South America’s Tango of Taste Buds

The name Argentina or “Argentine” means silver which is one of the most precious and abundant metals in the world. Argentina can never be overlooked as it is the 8th largest country in the world and sits in Southern part of South America.

It affords visitors the opportunity to go hiking in the mountains or swimming at the beach.

Argentina has become a hotbed for tourists, especially Americans. To strengthen the relationships between America and Argentina, the Argentine Government has suspended the reciprocity fee for holders of U.S. passports.

But Canadian, British and Aussies citizens still requiring Argentina Reciprocity Fee


Those that indulge in a carb-free lifestyle should move to Argentina. Argentine beef is famous worldwide as the country has the highest red meat consumption in the world.

The most popular dish in Argentina is Asado or Argentine barbecue. One cannot visit without trying the taste of Argentina.  Throughout this country’s great history, gauchos or cowboys created this wonderful masterpiece of meats. Imagine sitting at a restaurant and feasting your eyes on a grill or open fire watching the copious grilled meats roasting. The aroma has your mouth salivating, and you cannot wait to sink your fork, knife and teeth into this tender dish. Experience beef, pork, ribs, and sausages – all mind-blowingly scrumptious.

When cruising the streets of Buenos Aires or any other city or town in Argentina, expect to see choripán, Argentinean street food that is a must sample. Popular among its rabid soccer crowd, choripan is prepared over wood or charcoal fires and contains pork and beef chorizo. The meat is served between crusty bread slices and varying in each province; caramelized onions, green peppers and a slew of other condiments. It’s a supersized version of the New York hot dog but packed with more flavor.

When the weather gets cooler, many people turn to comfort food to keep them warm during those chilly nights. Carbonado is a brothy stew, with oodles of meat, potatoes, carrots, corn on the cob, bacon and peppers topped off with fruits. The fruits could be raisins, dried apricots, peaches, pears or grapes. The stew is poured into a hollowed-out pumpkin and then cooked on the barbecue.

There is no way tourists will leave Argentina without experiencing various ways of prepared meats. A leader in beef, Argentina has many delicious dairy dishes that will surely melt in your mouth.

Visa Direct for Witnessing Animals in Australia

Visa Direct for Witnessing Animals in Australia

Do you love animals, then Argentina is your best bet if you plan to travel to South America. Just remember that if you are a Canadian or Australian citizen then you need to pay the Argentinian Reciprocity Fee by visiting

Don’t you wish you could be like the animals and not need a Tourist Visa to Australia?

It would be nice to cross into countries without paperwork, much like a kangaroo hops across territories.

But the reality is we are humans need to control one another. Therefore, a visa to Australia is the only way to wobble around with wallabies or try to snooze for 18 hours beside a koala.


Good luck sleeping 18 hours! Witnessing or literally running with (or from, whichever comes first) these unique Australian animals is a passport, plane ticket and visa away. We can’t plan your wildlife adventure but we can get you a visa quickly.

Not only will you have access to the country, it will be linked electronically to your passport. That’s right! No stamp required as Australia has jumped on board with technology and allows tourists to enter with an ETA, electronic transit authority.

Chasing crocodiles is right here at your fingertips .

One of the best things about going to the world down under is the wildlife. Australia is home to incredibly unique and interesting wildlife unbeknown to any other place on this planet, all of which can only be seen with a Tourist Visa to Australia.

Hello, kangaroo? Where did those beasts come from? Though there are many speculations and theories out there, we shall stick to what it’s like to see these silly animals.

Yes, we said silly. Kangaroos are fun to watch and most importantly, they can be straight up funny when they think nobody’s watching. Plus, throw in an over abundant amount of cuteness if you get a chance to see one with their young tucked inside that pouch.


Koalas, crocodiles, wallabies, dingos and kangaroos are just a few of the most popular species you can find in Oz. Wombats are another treasure, sparsely seen in the wild as they spend most of their time burrowed underground.

In Australia, there are three breeds of Wombats, with the majority living in dense forests. It’s not only mammals roaming the continent, one of a kind bird species take to the sky. Kookaburra are famous for their laughter. Yes, we said laughter. These birds have a hidden secret and share it with no one, which is made clear when you hear one “laughing” at you. Keep your ears open.

Other species to keep an eye open for are Emu and platypus. Standing roughly at 5 feet tall, Emu are the second largest birds on earth. In Australia, they serve as an alternative to beef. Their meat is tender and make for delicious meals. Platypus are found along the coastline of Eastern Australia and remain hidden from humans. Only when it’s quiet and safe, do platypus ever emerge to greet the world.

Tango in Argentina is One of a Kind

Tango in Argentina is One of a Kind

Shuffling the Heart and Passion of Tango in Argentina
Dancing through the country with Tango is a definite reason to visit Argentina

Let’s face it. There are so many reasons to visit Argentina. From wine, to passionate love, to culture, everything captivating exists in this area of the world. Now, what if you took all three of the elements listed and put them to music? Ah, yes. Now we have the seduction of Tango.

Even if you have two left feet, watching it can take you away and stir up feelings inside. Dancing your way through Argentina begins with a passport, linked with a visa to Argentina. Swing on by our site and we will help get you a visa to Argentina and assist with paying the Argentina reciprocity fee. You’ll soon be all set to clicking those heels under a starlit sky.


If you have dance experience and are looking to pick up the sexiness of Tango, you’re in luck. Buenos Aires offers many different one or two time classes for your enjoyment. For further exhilaration, you could even look into taking a vacation revolving around the rich history and skill of Tango. There are many programs offered through private agencies offering guests multiple options such as 2-8 week courses. All of which is geared to have you on the floor swinging away and being seduced by the sounds of Argentina. After a few practices, you and the rest of the group can take your moves to the happening Tango clubs throughout the city. Try Mende Argentina for an experience of a lifetime.

Those of you who don’t feel up to tripping over your own feet can still be enthralled and mesmerized by swift moves and fiery passion. A dinner theater production meets both needs of delicious food and a show! La Ventana offers an option of food or just drinks. We always recommend trying the cuisine, after all you’re in South America! Pop open a bottle of wine and be swept away with unbelievable dancing. Be open to anything as there are a few shows whose dancers come into the audience. Remember, if a beautiful woman asks you to dance, you better move those feet!

Buenos Aires is the most popular destination for Tango in Argentina but it’s not the only place. Tango was born in Argentina and gracefully passes through every corner of the country. Be prepared to shower your loved one with a passionate dance or simply a glass of wine or two while you gaze dreamily at the lusty fire on stage.

Visa to Sri lanka is a Must

Visa to Sri lanka is a Must

Traveling to Argentina is a must in 2016. If you are a citizen from the USA, Canada or Australia then you can simply pay for the Reciprocity Fee from the comfort of your own home. Passport send-off is simply not necessary anymore so pay your visa to Argentina with and start planning your trip to Argentina now by applying with ArgentinaFees. For now we will discuss beautiful Sri Lankan where making memories of your travels to Sri Lanka shouldn’t include crime or the hassle of applying for visa to Sri Lanka.

You want to be able to brag about the adventures you had climbing mountains or wild goose chases, not how difficult getting there was.

Travelling safely to Sri Lanka starts with a visa for having proper documentation.


Let us get it done right the first time at and avoid running into problems later.

As for safety after you have arrived, there are some things you need to be aware of. Before heading over, keep in mind Sri Lanka is generally a safe country to travel in. Hard crimes are low and crimes against tourists are even lower. On average, this place is ideal for safe travels, however, this doesn’t mean crime doesn’t occur. Whenever you are in an area with people, crime can happen, especially if you are not prepared. Here are a few tips to keep your head in the game and memories positive:

Avoid Scams: Hard crime is almost unheard of. Scams and aggressive sales is very prevalent in Sri Lanka, especially closer to the high tourist areas. Hassling tourists is common and can come from anyone from store owners to TukTuk drivers. Even accommodation areas can try and hassle you to stay at their spot rather than another place.

-Mugging: Though not as common as other travel destinations, it still happens. It’s advised for tourists to avoid beaches after dark. Ladies who enjoy flashy, oversized purses or bags, this could be a problem. You are setting yourself up for a potential crime. Only carry what you absolutely need and no more. Both men and women should never bring all their money or credit cards with them when out on the town. Leave excess at your hotel, locked up. This also includes your passport with your electronically linked Sri Lanka visa. Be smart about it.

-Con artists: It seems no matter where you travel to on this planet, there are plenty of people attempting to fraud others. Sri Lanka doesn’t have nearly as many con artists as it once had years ago but unfortunately, these people still exist. Commonly, con artists pose as tourists themselves or as a staff member at a restaurant, cook, driver or whatever else they feel like impersonating.

These tactics are done to gain your trust. Be wary of anyone approaching you with these lines. If something doesn’t feel right about a person, go with your gut. Common sense is the best antidote for avoiding con artists and other scams.

As mentioned before, hard crimes like murders are almost unheard of in Sri Lanka. Keep your head on your shoulders, have a watchful eye and all should be well for a fantastic vacation.

Visa to Cambodia for Sihanoukville Beach Escape.

Visa to Cambodia for Sihanoukville Beach Escape.

If you are planning a trip to Argentina in the near future, then you should know that all US, Canadian and Australian citizens need to pay the reciprocity fee before they arrive in Argentina. You can apply at

For now a trip to Cambodia won’t be complete without a Sihanoukville Beach Escape.


Ditch the busy streets of the city and get away to beaches of Sihanoukville andsurrounding islands. One of Cambodia’s dream paradises is not within the city but lies on the elegant coastline. Not saying a busy walk through downtown isn’t exhilarating, specially touring temples. Keeping up with the faster pace of locals can drain a person after a while and that calls for a getaway. Grab your Cambodia visa and beach towel you’re going to need it for fun in the sun!

Making your way to the water should lead to a wondrous world of serenity and bliss. One of Cambodia’s hidden gems is truly a satisfying experience. Sihanoukville. Ah, the timeless classic dashed with a sprinkle of local influence. A resort second to none on this cozy spot in the Gulf of Thailand. Plenty of islands dot the area and in the sand, rest dozens of grass huts offering food and cocktails. The absolute perfect time to vacation is between November and February. An abundance of sunshine and blue skies keep temperature in the 20-30’s (or 80 degrees F).  So what can you do on the islands or mainland of Sihanoukville? Pretty much anything you want, expect being a pirate. No commandeering a fishing boat to take to the open waters. Locals probably won’t like it too much. Instead, you could snorkel or scuba dive. The underwater world is quite spectacular! Lounge in comfy, plush chairs while sipping on a Mai Tai or margarita. That sounds like the ideal getaway already.

When the sun goes down, the fun begins. Restaurants and bars stay open until the last person stumbles out. With eight casinos and specialty restaurants, 24 hours is the golden time to spend in them. When sleep time calls, you have many choices for accommodations. Resorts to hotels ranging from a few dollars a night to thousands, depending on how much you want to spend. A beach hotel makes for a lovely choice.

Wake up to a sunrise over the water. Quite romantic.

This happening spot in Cambodia gives visitors a unique trip and a chance to interact with a lot of locals. Be wary when you book a vacation though since it’s a popular area during peak season and on holiday weekends. If you aren’t looking for perfect warm weather, consider going during the off season. Rates are usually cheaper and crowds are thinner.

Refreshing Wine Tickles Taste Buds in Argentina

Refreshing Wine Tickles Taste Buds in Argentina

There is such an assortment of beverages and alcohol to choose from when traveling but then there is wine. Unlike the other tasty drinks, wine is splendid and lovely. When you wine lovers’ think of where the best is located, you probably think Italy or France. Although these hot spots are bustling with incredibly satisfying wines, Argentina is another spot which must be enjoyed for that smooth sip. In more recent times, Argentina has quickly made its way into the global spectrum of where to go for top rated wine. Malbec, Pinot’s and Zinfandel’s are a few specialties of the region.

Depending on where you travel to could determine what is available and what might be on the high priced import list. Throughout the country, wine is being produced from every grape you could imagine. Malbec is one wine produced more than anywhere else on earth. Argentina’s dry desert region creates a heavenly spot for these particular grapes to thrive. The Malbec grape is very susceptible to mold under regular grape growing conditions requiring a lot of moisture. This is why desert growing is ideal. Sunlight slows the ripening of each Malbec grape and gives it such a unique flavor when transformed into the delicious wine enjoyed around the world.

Aside from Malbecs, Cabernets are another superb specialty of Argentina. The tantalizing aroma from uncorking a Cab fills the room and your nose with such a heavenly scent. This is the perfect aged wine and does better with time. After sitting in an oak barrel for several months, the cabernet is bottled and shelved. During this process, the acids and tannins blend together, creating a dense and explosion of flavor. In Argentina, these cabernet sauvignon grapes are picked during the early spring after a longer ripening period. It is usually blended with Malbec in Argentina in order to cut down on the tannins and give a smoother taste.

White wines are not as common in Argentina, but they are still available. If you are a red wine enthusiast, Argentina is the place to be, pay your reciprocity fee with us now!

Who needs and how to get visa to Argentina

Who needs and how to get visa to Argentina

Paying Visa to Argentina fee is part of the journey for holidays or work to Argentina. This includes an Argentina Reciprocity Fee for visa, along with a valid passport.

Not all countries charge tourists these type of fees but it does balance out. We will get into that later but if you are a citizen of the US, Canada and Australia, it’s an added step to take before venturing out to South America.

Too is possible apply for visa to Argentina in

Complete the form using your personal details and credit card details. The information entered and entry code will be sent electronically to DNM (Argentina’s Immigration Office).

Within one business day you will receive an email with the Argentina visa reciprocity Fee attached.

When you arrive, go to the DNM office and present your printed receipt.

Your receipt will be scanned by the staff in Argentina and validated, allowing you to enter into the country.

Do you want happy readers in your blog? Just copy and paste this code in your web/blog!!:

<a title=”how to get Argentina visa reciprocity fee” target=”_blank”><img alt=”how to get Argentina visa reciprocity fee” src=”” width=”650″ height=”450″ /></a>


Pay your Argentina reciprocity fee online and prepare for adventure

Pay your Argentina reciprocity fee online and prepare for adventure

Buenos Aires Awaits You Visa Free After Paying Your Argentina Reciprocity Fee Online. When you plan a trip to South America, choosing which of the many countries on the expansive continent to visit can be a challenge. However, one nation offers splendours both natural and man-made that shouldn’t be missed: Argentina. With its wide range of climates and diverse terrain, Argentina is one of the most fascinating countries in South America. From the wide mouth of the River Plate to the bustling metropolis of Buenos Aires, there is something for every tourist to explore in this lush country. If you are planning on travelling to Argentina from Canada, the United States, or Australia, the entry process is quick and easy.

Entering Argentina Is as Simple as Paying a Fee

For tourists arriving from the countries mentioned above and planning on staying fewer than three months, an Argentina visa is not needed. Instead, you will simply need to pay the Argentina reciprocity fee. This fee grants you access to the country as a tourist and reflects the cost that Argentinian citizens would incur travelling to other nations. Rather than paying the fee at the border and potentially encountering troublesome delays, however, Argentina’s government has begun accepting electronic payments of the Argentina reciprocity fee before travellers arrive.


The process is simple. You can then easily pay the Argentina reciprocity fee online. You will be provided with a receipt, which you can then print and bring with you as you enter the country. An officer will scan your receipt, and you are then free to travel throughout Argentina just like you would be on a regular visa! With so many opportunities for fun and excitement in this diverse nation, easy access like this makes travelling easy.

Get the Most Out of Your Reciprocity Fee and See the Country!

Whether you decide to spend your trip exploring the bustling streets of Buenos Aires, sampling the shopping and fine dining, or you head into the countryside to view the majesty of Iguazú Falls, you are sure to make many memories in Argentina. There are even icy glaciers to visit in addition to the expansive temperate rainforests. Visiting this nation is like sampling every corner of the globe in just one trip. With your Argentina reciprocity fee granting you a visa-free travel time of 90 days, just imagine the many adventures you will enjoy here!.

Argentina Volcanoes Leave Traveler with Stunning Experience

Argentina Volcanoes Leave Traveler with Stunning Experience

To get great tips on how to process a visa to Argentina we recommend visiting a top notch commerce visa shop 

A dynamic trip for Holidays to see volcanoes in Argentina? Sure! After receiving your passport and paying the Argentina reciprocity fee online, you are free to move about the country.

It’s important to remember those three pieces of work before you set course for volcanic magic. Bearing witness to lava domes and calderas is worth every moment and we can help you get there. Everything you need to know is just a click away for knowing about get visa to Argentina and be safe with this..

Before you know it, you’ll be packing your flame retardant suit and heading to cascading volcanoes!

When it comes to active, dormant or extinct volcanoes, Argentina is the place to set up camp! Depending on where you visit, you could be sitting in the middle of dozens or isolated with just one dazzling peak.


Here are some of the towering volcanoes to admire while on your trip:

– Aracar: This dormant volcano is located in NW Argentina, near the border of Chile. It hasn’t been active in about 12,000 years but is not considered extinct. Its crater is almost a mile in diameter, with a crater lake and eroding sides where lava once flowed. Explore the area for lava domes found all around the base.

– Llullaillaco: Known globally as the world’s fourth tallest, active volcano. It borders Chile and rises above the Atacama Desert. Some of the best lava flows from it are visible on the northern and southern flanks. Historically, it’s believed the Inca used the summit as place of preservation for the dead as dozens of mummified bodies have been discovered. Thanks to the extreme cold and dry conditions at the top, these mummies are said to be the best preserved bodies ever found.

-Domuyo: Beautiful as it is deadly. Considered the roof of Patagonia in the Andes Mountains, Domuyo is stunning and considered active. As you have probably guessed, hiking or camping on this volcano can be tricky as weather changes rapidly. The further up you climb the colder it becomes. High winds and low visibility are possible, especially during the winter months. Plan accordingly.

Not every volcano is extinct and dozens of earthquakes occur every day. With this said, our advice is to be aware of your surroundings. Pack for the weather and any other natural element that could turn against you. Viewing the volcanoes of Argentina is an experience like no other and is best seen in person. Pictures can’t do justice to the extent of natural beauty surrounding these areas. Enjoy your trek through these sites and bring home more than just a memory. Bring home an experience.

Colorful La Boca Neighborhood of Buenos Aires

Colorful La Boca Neighborhood of Buenos Aires

Take a Walking Tour of Famous La Boca in Buenos Aires
There’s more than wine and tango in this neighborhood. La Boca is unique and filled with rich history.

Follow the yellow brick road. No, you won’t get to OZ but if you’re in Buenos Aires there is a chance you could follow it all the way to a neighborhood in a rainbow. We’re talking about the brightly colored and happening place in the city: La Boca. Its name literally comes from its position along of the Riachuelo, an opening for all sorts of people to make port and venture onto land. We can give you the opportunity to see this colorful piece of work in Buenos Aires by assisting you with an Argentina visa. Our services provide user friendly experiences which should take care of the Argentina reciprocity fee and get your passport linked with a visa to Argentina. Once the virtual paperwork is complete, you’ll be off to see the wizard, or even better, local tango dancers.


La Boca historically has been a place for immigrants coming in from Italy, Spain and other countries to start a new life. In more modern times, the neighborhood has morphed into a tighter space of functioning families, artists and visionaries, all working toward a brighter future.  Each house is uniquely painted and possess a story. There are a few home which have since been modified and transformed into museums, offering a place of refuge for timely artifacts and artwork. On the streets, you will be captivated by music and lively tango from locals. If one catches your eye or ear, tip. It’s much appreciated for these hard working artists.

A few places to definitely add to the list of must dos:

-Tower of the Ghost: Said to be one of the most haunted areas in La Boca, the spirit of an artist lingers in the second story. Enter if you dare.

-Casa Amarilla: Not the original but close enough. This yellow house is a replica to one of Argentina’s most popular and famous war hero, Admiral Brown.

-Caminito: High foot traffic but worth the stroll. It takes you into an historical tour of this neighborhood.

Wear comfortable shoes as it will take a bit to get through.

For safety reasons, we definitely recommend you take a tour during the daytime. La Boca can get rough at night, especially to those who are wandering into unfamiliar territory. Always be aware of your surroundings. Colorful buildings can blind you, literally if the sun hits it just right. Be smart but have fun!

Wine Touring Famous Mendoza Valley in Argentina

Wine Touring Famous Mendoza Valley in Argentina

Mendoza Valley in Argentina Offers Excellent Wine Tours

There’s Tango and then there is delightful wine throughout Argentina. Tours are the best way to go!Getting older isn’t a bad thing. As you grow, your experience and appreciation for the finer points in life magnify. This rings true especially for the love of wine. Where on good ol’ planet earth could possibly create one of the greatest liquids to have ever been discovered? Ok, besides Italy, there is the magnificent Mendoza valley in Argentina. This country may be known best for its passionate, heart pounding dance of the senses better known to the world as Tango, but its wine is second to none. If you are not traveling around the globe for dance, you must be coming here to taste the fruits of blissfulness.

Doesn´t exist best argument for get a Visa Argentina reciprocity fee that enjoy all the quality of their wines.


One drop on your tongue and you may never return home.

Hidden on the Eastern foothills of the Andes Mountains lies a plethora of vineyards, dotting the countryside for kilometers. Mendoza is considered to be Malbec capitol, far surpassing any on this little blue planet. Other reds like cabernet sauvignon and pinot’s prevail as well. Driving through the countryside, all you have to do is roll down the window and a sweet, tantalizing aroma fills the entire car. Talk about exquisite! Altura located with the Mendoza Valley offers a variety of tours for locals and visitors to the region. Take a walk among rows of finely grown grapes, collecting incoming sunlight and preparing to bust at the seams with fantastic flavor.

Another place to look if you are serious about touring the region is Ampora Wine Tours. Day trips are fun, however, wouldn’t it be even more of a bragging experience if you got a chance to stay in the Mendoza valley and tour? There are plenty of places offering rooms to stay in while you gallivant through wineries. Plus, it’s always better when you don’t have to drive afterwards. Hire someone to take you or depending on the vacation package you book, you may be on a small bus or van with other wine lovers such as yourself.

We know you’ve probably already reached for your well stocked wine cellar while reading this. Tempting isn’t it? Your dreams wine tour of Mendoza starts with a passport and an Argentina visa. This Argentina reciprocity fee can be made through our site with easy to use directions. Soon you’ll be packing those bags lightly, since bringing back wine is a definite option once you have a visa to Argentina. Cheers!

Seeing Buenos Aires One Picnic Basket At A Time

Seeing Buenos Aires One Picnic Basket At A Time

Buenos Aires by Picnic Basket

Take a trip down the unbeaten path of Buenos Aires and see sites at your leisure.

You take a trip to another country to hopefully get away from everyday life. If you’re already used to a city like atmosphere, then perhaps a picnic quest is just what the doctor ordered. From parks and empty wilderness to hopping on a boat, there are quite a few opportunities to witness Buenos Aires. All sites are made possible once you pay the Argentina Reciprocity Fee and have your passport linked with the Argentina Visa.


Check out our site to make sure your home country is on the list for a Visa to Argentina.

If it’s on the list, apply and pack your picnic basket.

Looking at where to head out for a packed lunch in the city, just follow the locals. Known in the vicinity as Buenos Aires’ central park, Bosques de Palermo is a perfect opportunity to mingle with everyday citizens and people watch. After all, what’s better than watching how humans act in public? It can be very entertaining! Did we also mention the birds? If people are not making you laugh, do some bird watching. You could catch one stealing a sandwich out of someone’s hand. Wouldn’t that be something to see!

Parks are always a go to for any kind of picnic, however, there are other places to be had. Traveling a bit outside of the city, there’s an abundance of wide open spaces to stop and chow down. One such place takes adventure on a river delta. Tour the Tigre on a water bus. Bring your food and a bottle or two of wine. Definitely pack wine and bug spray. It can get humid on those boat rides, especially during the summertime. Never know what creepy crawling or flying vampire may try to sample your delicious blood.

Aside from simply eating out of your basket, take an adventure to build up an appetite, such as relic hunting. Try to avoid going at night as its deemed unsafe, but you can venture through antique shops and other hidden treasures throughout the day. Walking and searching can make you hungry, which is why you bring lunch. After exploring, find an area to put down a blanket, pop open some wine and indulge on taste bud melting foods, like cheese. Wine and cheese is a win-win!

Get your visa to Argentina easily using Argentina iVisa

Get your visa to Argentina easily using Argentina iVisa

Argentina may not be the first place people think of when they are planning a trip to South America, but it really should be. Argentina boasts a myriad of wonderful places to visit, from the beautiful coastline to the majestic peaks of the Andes, so you can plan a trip that takes you from the ocean to the ski slopes and for it need Argentina reciprocity fee. Also, Argentina has many wonderful cultural centers to explore, from the “The Paris of South America,” Buenos Aires, to the lush wine country of the Mendoza region.


Obtaining a Visa Can Be a Challenge

One of the difficulties of planning any international trip is ensuring that all of your paperwork has been put in an order ahead of time, so you won’t have to worry about having your entrance barred anyplace. Thankfully, Argentina has embraced electronic visas, so you can get your visa online to Argentina without having to wait weeks or even months for documents to be mailed from bureaucrat to bureaucrat and then back to you.

Unfortunately, obtaining even the electronic visa can still be fraught with complications. One of the problems that many travelers encounter is the Argentinian government’s official website, which is only partially written in grammatically confusing English. A small mistake in filling out your visa information can have dire consequences – you could be prevented from entering the country if your visa contains inaccurate or incomplete information and end up with a worthless visa that cost the $160 reciprocity fee required by the Argentinian government.

Using a Service Such as Argentina iVisa Guarantees Your Visa is Processed Correctly

If you want to avoid mistakes that can ruin your vacation, trust a service such as Argentina iVisa to process your visa. For a $20 service charge on top of the required $160 reciprocity fee charged by the Argentinian government, we’ll double check you application to ensure there are no errors that could cause complications. Additionally, we provide 24-hour phone and messaging customer service support so you can get your visa questions answered right away.

Also, we take all of the restrictions out of the process. We accept forms of payment that the Argentinian government cannot, such as alternative currencies and payments from services such as PayPal. Finally, we’ll follow up on your visa by sending you a reminder and another copy of your visa automatically 48 hours before your departure

So if you’re ready to have a hassle free visa experience and a great visit to Argentina, visit Argentina iVisa, and we’ll set everything up for you right away.